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Andy McGrath

National Marketing Manager

Joined the team: 1994

"Hillarys is a great place to work. There are lots of opportunities for people to develop and grow. Like me: I was given a chance, knuckled down and my efforts were rewarded."


Andy Mcgrath

"My Story"

Samples team: 1994

"My time at Hillarys is pretty unique. I started doing part-time hours in the samples team while still at school; it was my first proper job"

Pleated department: 1994

"Straight out of school, I got the chance to work on the factory floor. Being so young and having a full-time job was great."

Left Hillarys: 1997

"I left for a few years and worked in hospitality. But then I was invited back to Hillarys. It was an offer too good to turn down!"

Wilson Brooks Advertising: 2000

"When I came back to Hillarys, I joined our own internal advertising agency. It was my first office role and a complete change."

Marketing Executive: 2005

"I had a few years in marketing under my belt when I got promoted. It meant a lot. My hard work was recognised with greater responsibility."

Regional marketing manager: 2009

"Becoming a manager was a big step. For the first time, I had a team under me."

National Marketing manager: 2011

"Now, I look after all our offline marketing, from television to radio to print ads. There’s been a lot of change over the years and I’ve had the opportunity to move with the times."